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You’re Out!

Interesting word…OUT.

It can be very cold, even freezing, but if someone is out in the cold, the entire scope of their world

changes and can become even deadly. But, if someone is abandoned by their authorities, they are said to be out

in the cold.

Jet aircraft running out of fuel is said to have a flame-out (the jet engine ceases to have fuel to burn).

They can’t pull over to the roadside and call AAA to rescue them…they must coast to any suitable landing

area…but unfortunately, there is no recovery for most.

I suppose nothing can suppress the joy of those imprisoned when their time of incarceration has been

completed, and they are let out. They’re free! No more prison bars. No more chains.

Very similar is the feeling of a school child who has been cooped up in the classroom when the bell

finally rings and he gets out.

Nor is there any doubt when someone has had enough of another and, in no uncertain terms, tells them

to get out only to have the miscreant return to apologize, saying, “I’m sorry you got so put out with me.”

There is a real possibility of nervous collapse and physical illness when one experiences burnout or the

extension of responsibility with improper and insufficient rest and mental restoration. But then, a lot of smoke

and noise accompanied by the smell of burning rubber results from burnout in an automobile when one stands

on the brakes of a car while simultaneously accelerating or ‘putting the pedal to the metal.’ This also will cause

the tires of the vehicle to rapidly become worn out, not to mention the parental admonitive, “If I find out

(discover) you’ve been doing that, I’ll wear you out.” Ouch!

And then, the parent is often heard saying, “I’m so tired; I’m just worn out.”

The baseball game contains many examples of outs: three strikes and you’re out. If you hit a caught fly

ball, you’re still out; and if you are tagged while running the bases, you’re out. There are so many ways you can

be out, but unless you make the third out of the inning, you can be out, but the game isn’t over. You’re out but

still in the game. You can strike out and still win if you are on the winning team!

It’s much like what God has done for us as believers. David said this in Psalm 40:2; “He brought me up

also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. 

Moses puts our salvation experience in beautiful perspective in Deuteronomy 6:23. “And he brought us

out from [Egypt] thence, that he might bring us in…”  

Francis Mason

Pastor Mason


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