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Get Youre Own Copy To Day


These devotions were written by a Pastor to his congregation during the time of pandemic restrictions when sanctuary doors were closed to any desiring to worship or pray or just needing a spiritual boost.

Aiming for encouragement, these short devotions are an uplifting and interesting source of inspiration. They certainly lived up to their intended purpose of creating a bridge between the pulpit and pew during a long and hurtful silence from the traditionally comfortable environment of the sanctuary. Their content is chock full of true-to-life illustrations. You'll find many of them written directly for your need.

A variety of styles are used to convey Christian principles and truths in a very upbeat format--sometimes humorous, sometimes serious; intellectual without being stodgy; often country colloquial in portraying real-life stories; always focusing on revealing more of the Christ of Calvary.

Got about five minutes? Read one of these devotions. But look out! You might find yourself hooked into reading more than one or two...or more!

Here are two links you can order from, ebook and paper back.

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