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Wisdom From an Old Poem

While browsing through my library this morning, a very small book was accidentally bumped and fell

to the floor. As it fell a slip of paper was left protruding from the pages of the book. Yellowed with age, it had

been deliberately placed in the book as part of its’ message. As I read the small print (a magnifying glass was

necessary), I recognized the motivation of the ‘Unknown’ one who had written it―a plea for Christians every-

where to allow God’s Word to have unhindered access to our heart. I share its’ message onward to you today.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom” (Colossians 3:16).

Hide in thy heart, as a gem unpriced,

The wondrous story of JESUS CHRIST;

‘Tis shining forth from the page of old,

Shimmering brightly like burnished gold;

And in ruddy radiance its glories blaze

From God’s new unfolding of truth and grace.

Hide in thy heart all the written Word,

Oft hath its precept thy spirit stirred;

Oft shall its promise thy faith sustain,

Giving thee power to trust again

The wisdom of Him who knows every fear,

The love of the LORD whom thy heart holds dear.

Hide in thy heart, as a precious thing,

The Word of Him whom thy heart calls King;

Quick to obey when His will is clear,

Ready to trust if no light appear;

Only desiring thy life-work to be

What He hath chosen and ordered for thee.

Hide in thy heart―not the things of earth,

Hopes to which God gives not smile or birth,

But the true riches that Christ doth pour

Deep in thy heart, as a treasure, store;

All He revealeth of mercy and grace

Gladly enfolding in faith’s strong embrace.

Children of God! ‘tis our daily part

Deeper to fathom our Father’s heart;

Hourly to prove His unfailing love

Higher in measure than Heaven above,

May the response of each faithful heart be―

“Yea, LORD; Thy Word shall dwell richly in me.”

Francis Mason

Pastor Mason


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