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The Sweet Word ‘Come’

The first use of the word “come” in the Bible is a “Come” of Salvation, when God invited Noah and his

family into the ark. The last use of the word in the Bible is also a “Come” of Salvation―“The Spirit and the

Bride say, Come.” After John had seen all the glories of heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ sent him the message,

“Come”―the last message Jesus sent from heaven to this earth.

Luke tells the delightful Sunday School children’s story of a ‘wee little man’ named Zaccheus, who had

climbed up a tree to see Jesus as He passed by. Jesus, when he saw him, said, “Make haste and come down, for

today I must abide at thy house.” People said Zaccheus was very much in earnest, but if he were, he would have